Weronika Chmielewska

Chairwoman of the Board

Passionate about practicing mindfulness in life. Happily married, with challenges in motherhood, fulfilled at work.

An economist – graduated from Warsaw School of Economics and Cass Business School in London. Works as an insurance broker.

“I have created the EduMind Foundation because I have experienced first-hand how mindfulness improves the quality of life and is a practical tool for everyday challenges. I believe that it is a great life-long gift for children”.

Important training and meetings:

  • Mindful Education Teacher Training Online, 2018 
  • An Evening with Eckhart Tolle – London, 2017
  • Intimacy With Awareness: An Evening Exploring Mindfulness with John Kabat-Zinn, New York, 2016
  • Mindfulness Fundamentals – Mindful Schools, USA
  • Mindful Educator Essentials – Mindful Schools, USA
  • Mindfulness for children and young people – The Mind Institute, Julia E. Wahl, Eryk Ołtarzewski
  • Mindfulness for children – Eline Snel, Mindfulness Courses
  • AIG Academy – Leadership Academy, Center for Leadership, prof. Cezary Wójcik
  • Traingin courses for insurance industry

Magdalena Kulińska

Board Member

Certified mindfulness trainer (MBSR method) as well as trainer of empathetic communication in the NVC (Nonviolent Communication) method. Works with groups and individually with adults and children. Mother of three daughters and a wife of a very patient husband. She believes that sensitivity is the key to good relations regardless of age.

“I have created the EduMind Foundation because I think that the most important thing in education is the relationship that allows to transfer knowledge between teacher and student. Mindfulness practiced together can make this relationship subjective, authentic and close”.

Important training and meetings:

  • Mindful Education Teacher Training Online, 2018 
  • Mindful Educator Essentials – Mindful Schools, 2017, USA
  • Mindfulness for Children and Youth – The Mind Institute: Julia E. Wahl, Eryk Ołtarzewski
  • Mindfulness for Children – Eline Snel, Mindfulness Courses
  • Compassion in Psychology and Psychotherapy – The Mind Institute: Julia E. Wahl, Wendy Wood
  • Compassion Practitioner Certificate Course – Mindfulness Association Poland, 2016, Warsaw
  • Certified Teacher Training Program MBSR-IMA (Institute of Mindfulness Based Approaches, Bedburg) and Polim Foundation, 2016, Warsaw
  • School of Communication Coaches based on Empathy, 2015, Warsaw

Ewa Orłowska

Board Member

Mindfulness trainer (MBSR, MBLC and .b) and Nonviolent Agreements, mediator and mindfulness training supervisor (Mindfulness Association). Worked as a teacher and school’s headmaster as well as a teachers’ consultant at the Education Development Center. Currently she is a trainer in teachers’ training courses and a member of the Waking School – a grassroots movement of changes in education.

German specialist – graduated from Warsaw University with a Master’s degree in Neo-Philology.

“I have co-created the EduMind Foundation, because mindfulness reminds me how to be a human being. I dream about schools where mindful teachers prepare students for both independent and teamwork, and where competition is replaced by understanding. I am inspired by J. W. Goethe’s motto: Whatever you want to do, whatever you dream about, start working. Boldness includes genius, strength and magic.”

I am a mother of two adult sons, I live in Warsaw, although sometimes I would prefer to be in the Beskid Niski mountains.

Important training and meetings:

  • Mindful Education Teacher Training Online, 2018 
  • The Mindfulness Training Supervisor – MBLC in the Mindfulness Association, 2018
  • Mindfulness Trainer – MBSR – The Institute for Mindfulness-Based Approaches certificate in Germany, 2014
  • Certified Trainer of the Nonviolent Communication – Center for Nonviolent Communication, 2007
  • Certified Teaching Groups’ Moderator of the Friborg Model – Universtatsklinikum, Freiburg, 2017
  • Graduated from the Mediation School of the National Association of Professional Mediators, 2010
  • Completed “Intensive Mediation Course according to Non-Violent Communication“, 2013.

Świętosława Palmowska-Maciaszek

Board Member

A lawyer (legal adviser) according to her education and an insurance person by passion. Currently deals with broadly understood claim settlements.

Married for a long time, a mother of a teenage daughter affected by education reform.

“I became interested in mindfulness, because I see in it great opportunities for helping people get to know one another, as well as helping both adults and children find solutions to their problems associated with the rapidly changing environment.”

Kinga Libront

Board Member

A wife of a husband with inherent gentleness and a mother of an adult daughter with a certain degree of stubbornness.

A lover of distant travels, exploring the world and meeting people.

An economist – graduated from Warsaw School of Economics, currently works in reinsurance.

“I have created EduMind because I know that contacts and relationships are among the key roles in our lives. They affect our psyche and shape the perception of the world. I am convinced that thanks to mindfulness, we can find balance between the body, mind and soul.”