About Us

Our Mission

The Foundation introduces to schools an integrated programmes of mindfulness practice as a method of reducing stress, building mental immunity and regulating emotions in children and adults.

We initiate the development of mindfulness practice in areas with a high potential for stress and burnout.

What we do?

Mindfulness is the awareness training of the mind.
It develops the ability to fully focus on what is happening here and now, without judging. Even a few minutes of daily practice will positively affect health, mental balance and relationships with others. Mindfulness training brings relaxation – a side effect of practicing awareness exercises rather than an end in itself.

The Foundation promotes mindfulness training as a method that positively influences physical and mental health. Our particular interest lies in the area of education since the potential for experiencing stress and burnout among educators is high.
Our trainings are suitable for adults working with children and youth, as well as students at various levels of education: pre-school, primary, post-elementary and higher education.

Trainings for teachers and educators

Lessons for children and adolescents

Workshops for parents

Talks and trainings for employees

Our partners

they are support us in our activities.