About Mindfulness:

Mindfulness is about paying attention, about presence in its fullness. It is our innate ability to be fully aware of the present moment. It involves training to watch and notice physical sensations, emotions, thoughts and the external environment with curiosity and without judgment. Mindfulness exercises are the practice of concentrating and maintaining focus on one activity such as breathing, walking, eating.

Through the practice of mindfulness, we become familiar with our bodies, learn to accept their constant changeability and vitality moment by moment. The ability to focus attention on the body in stressful situations is a very useful skill, which allows to restore balance and well-being.

A number of studies on mindfulness indicate that even a few minutes of daily practice has many health benefits: it relaxes, improves concentration, reduces stress, strengthens contact with the body and autoregulates emotions, it teaches how to accept and be kind to oneself.


  1. It is not a religion.
  2. It does not require any special skills or knowledge.
  3. It is not a disciplining measure.
  4. It is not just keeping calm. It will not eliminate sadness and difficulties from life.
  5. It is not a panacea for everything.
  6. It is not the pursuit of non-thinking, or focusing on positive thinking.
  7. It is neither relaxation nor therapy.
  8. It is not about looking into oneself.

Definition according to Jon Kabat- Zinn

“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.”

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